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About Misty Meadows

History of Misty Meadows:

Started by Fred Beauchamp in 1986 as a home water delivery service in the Rutland Vt area.

A friend of Fred’s delivered water in glass jugs and prompted Fred to start the business.

Starting out with 9 coolers and 100 empty jugs on a tractor trailer was the beginning of the business. The bottles were originally filled in Williamstown, Massachusetts by Fred at Sand Springs. The thermal spring water was crystal clear and came out of the ground at 74 degrees.

Fred was one of the first to palletize bottled water placing 54 – 5 gallon jugs on pallets  – 18 jugs per pallet, stacked 3 tall. The trailer would hold 20 stacks weighing a total of 20 tons. This was a lot of manual labor and drive time which prompted Fred to seek an alternate supply solution closer to Rutland, VT.

This prompted Fred to team up with Glen Merrill in Tinmouth to build a new water supply named Sagamon Springs.  Fred operated out of the Sagamon Springs for 5 years.

Sagamon Springs was sold  in 1996 after which Misty Meadows contracted with Vermont Heritage Spring Water in Beebe Plains, Vermont  to bottle and deliver the spring water to the warehouse in Rutland, VT.

Vermont Heritage Spring Water is the source of our water to this day.  The source is one of only two real natural aquifer springs in Vermont.

Fred sold the company to his son in law, Jeff Perry and daughter Deb Perry in 2002 who are still running it today.

Deb & Jeff carry on the “Family” business and enjoy doing business locally supporting the community while promoting great customer service.


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